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FlashPoint 101

FlashPoint 101

FlashPoint 101

FlashPoint 101

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FlashPoint Center

A Classroom Unlike Any Other
Bringing an exciting and intriguing component to our FlashPoint training courses is the FlashPoint Center facility. We’re not talking desks and blackboards. This hands-on, live-event fire lab will show you firsthand how systems just like yours are designed to work under real scenarios.

Housing the latest equipment from the leading manufacturers, the FlashPoint Center features fully operational:

  Chemical-Based Extinguishing Systems
  High- and Low-Pressure CO2
  FM 200 Clean Agent Systems
  Foam Systems
  Electric and Diesel Fire Pumps
  STAT-X Aerosol Fire Suppression Systems
FlashPoint Center

Plus! Every system is tied to a:
  Gamewell-FCI Fire Alarm System
Enabling you to see how fire alarm and detection equipment is installed and how it interacts with different suppression systems.
  Burn Room
Giving you an eyewitness account of how different suppression systems activate at that crucial moment.

Master the Critical Points of Your Fire Protection System
See and learn how it works under real world conditions, so you can:

Optimize Your Loss Control
You’ve invested in a fire protection system. Make sure it’s primed to do exactly what it’s supposed to do—prevent a serious fire. Plus, gain insight into fire protection systems that can be specially designed to alleviate any concerns you might have for water damage, environmental violations or hazmat spills.

Meet Your Insurance Requirements
Knowing your system is the key to meeting the inspection provisions under your fire insurance policy. Take note of a thorough checkpoint process that will help you stay up-to-date and up-to-code, according to your coverage.

Minimize Your Maintenance Costs
Learn from the experience of others. Open discussions among instructors and fellow attendees reveal the costly pitfalls associated with underestimating the value of routine and proper maintenance. Find out how to head off serious problems—possibly saving you thousands of dollars in repairs or even complete system replacement.

Recognize & Respond to “Trouble Conditions”
Become an expert on how to read and react to your fire alarm panel. Prevent false alarms. Preempt a system malfunction. Know whom to call and when. And keep your service costs down.

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